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Links to our Round the World Travel Journals

In 1996 we decided to travel around the world to see what exactly was out there.  The following links provide a chronological accounting of what we found over two solid years of travelling.  It is interesting for us to read these and see how our opinions changed as we got further out there and travel reality set in.  Suddenly our definition of “nice hotel room” changed.  We also learned to be a lot more patient when dealing with folks around the world.  Believe it or not, the rest of the world does not speak English and run on the same schedule as the good ole US of A.  It took a while for us to develop our patience, but as we mellowed, the enjoyment factor went way up.  We like to say that a lot of the trip was fun, and the rest was interesting.  Enjoy the read.

p.s. We are thinking of doing some major editing and expansion for publication.  Let us know what you would like to read about.


Rob and Melissa

Links to Journals

HAWAII    SAMOA    Fiji    NEW ZEALAND    AUSTRALIA    AUSTRALIA Part 2   THE PHILIPPINES    MALAYSIA and Singapore   Thailand  CAMBODIA      VIETNAM  CHINA    India    Nepal    India Part 2

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