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The Mystery Machine served us well, taking us to the ends of the earth (literally).  We took it up to Alaska and ran the Dempster Highway across 3 continental divides to the Arctic Ocean and back down to Mexico through Copper Canyon and Baja Mexico (all without a flat on those BFG AT’s).  It is a true HEAVY DUTY “bullet proof” expedition vehicle.  Driving a vehicle like this gets you noticed.  Nobody will cut you off again!

If anyone out there wonders, we highly recommend 4X4 vans.  They will take you most places and are ready to camp in once you get there.  My initial worry was that since these are modified vehicles, they would be nothing but trouble.  I was truly amazed in how dependable these vehicles are.  Basically all they change is putting in a transfer case and changing out the front end.  Fords seem to be the easiest to do.

A van like this will cost about $50,000+ new.  Though there are many to be found second hand.  We bought ours for $3000 and finally sold it for $2500 after the trip.  You can make your own or have a conversion company do it for you for $8K-$10K.  The 4X4 van list has a bunch of people subscribed who have been there and done that.



Specifications of a 4X4 Van - Comming soon or see below.

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4X4 Van list - A web list of other 4X4 van owners. Good for questions, answers, and the occasional van for sale.

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