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Alaska To Mexico 2000

Traveling again seems a logical progression in our lives.  Employed people take vacations.  Traveling takes time.   For us, this means quitting our job and heading out.

The plan was to stay in Alaska until we see the northern lights, probably until the end of September. The way up would be through the inside passage Heading back by way of Banff and the NW-US, Texas for Thanksgiving and Florida for Christmas.  We didn't have firm plans for after that, but somewhere in the Great White North we decided to go to Mexico.  The final destination is Tennessee where we will laugh about getting serious and growing up.

We did the plan.

Check the links below for photos and travel journals from this trip.


Alaska Part 1  The inside passage including Glacier Bay.

Alaska Part 2  The Kenai, multiple trips to Denali, Wrangell St Ellias, tips for travellers, Dawson City, Inuvik, NW Canada and the drive home on the Alcan.

Photos from Alaska  Coming Soon!

Viva Mexico Driving through Copper Canyon and Baja with many stops in between.  Travel tips, off the map driving, many adventures.

Photos from Mexico Coming Soon



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