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Welcome to Rob and Mel's Travel Page

We love to travel! This site is for our friends, armchair travelers, and to encourage you to get "out there".

Journals and photos from our travels are linked below. Our European travels are not on the site but we're happy to give info to anyone interested.   Rob is working on a travel book.  Kind of an inspirational overall how-to on planning a trip with logical routes and etc.  We would love to hear any suggestions or questions you may have.


Current Location - Sept 2013
Somewhere in Tennessee.   Thanks for checking out the site!



Alaska To Mexico - Our Travels north to Alaska and south to Mexico in 2000 - 2001.

Travel Round the World - Links to our 96-97 Travel Reports.

Photos from around the World - Photos from our Travels.

Peoples Guide to Mexico - The ultimate guide book for Mexico

The Earth - Interesting site showing human habitation on earth.  

Money- - Q: How can you afford to travel long term?

4X4 Vans - So you want to know more about 4X4 Vans..

Margarita's Voyage - Learn how a family spent 5 years sailing around the world

"There's not much adventure left. Unless you look for it." Fred Beckey, Climber.

Home | Alaska To Mexico 2000 | Around the World Photos | World Travel Journals | 4x4 Vans | Contact Us

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